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Patch 13.208 Update

With the Aexia VR Roleplay Game Jam in full swing, we’ve been focused on polishing up the alpha build they used for a proper beta release. That way, we can play all the fun roleplays they create. Well, there’s no more waiting; it’s here!

If you missed the previous patch notes, you can read them here.

What’s New

This update reworks many aspects of the game, from portals to menus to audio. We’ll do our best to document everything here, but you’ll need to hop in and check it all out for some of it.

New Main Menu

“When you stare into the void, the void stares back… so we got rid of the void, and now the Aexia GM stares at you instead!”.

The main menu has been completely redone, with new navigation and environment. Stand atop an ancient platform and look towards the mountains. The Aexia GM looms above, mind-bogglingly massive.

  • The main menu has been completely replaced

  • You can now log in, join sessions, and manage your stages all in one place

  • Sort premade stages by tag and edit a clone of the stage with a button click

  • Select my stages to view and edit Stages that you’ve created

  • The main menu now has an environment

  • You can now move within the main menu

  • The Aexia GM hovers over a mountain range, all-seeing and all-knowing.

  • Added ambient music to the main menu

New GM Tools

“We added so many props that navigating the GM Tools was causing instability, which isn’t the worst problem to have but it needed a solution”.

Playtesting found that the old GM Tools menus weren’t working. They were unstable and confusing for new players. We’ve completely reworked them into new, sleek menus designed to accommodate future additions.

  • New GM Tools design

  • The radial menu and submenus have been replaced with a single rectangular menu with tabs and subtabs

  • Filter props, fx, and textures by themes and tags to search through the list faster

  • Player settings and context menus have also been moved onto the GM Tools menu

  • Grab the GM tools menu and position it wherever you want in your space

New Voice Communications

“Communication is vital to roleplay and these tools should help fascilitate”.

We’ve added private and flexible voice channels. Communication is vital to roleplay, and these tools are designed to help facilitate private communication amongst roleplayers, both in and out of character.

  • Players and GMs can call each other to speak privately when they need to

  • Players can choose to accept or reject calls from other players

  • Users in a call can only speak to and hear each other

  • Add any number of users from a list into a call

  • GM announcements take precedence and are received across all active voice channels

  • There is now a mute button

  • You can now select your input device in-game

New Portals

“You can never have enough archways”.

A completely new portal system with increased customizability has been implemented.

  • Choose from various portal appearances, from dramatic arches to wooden doorframes

  • Choose the destination of a portal by connecting it to another portal

  • Create one-way portals by placing two portals and setting one of them as the other’s destination

  • Create two-way portals by placing two portals and setting them as each other's destinations

  • Chain portals together, each leading to a different portal than they came from

Other Additions

  • Dozens of new props

  • Two new themes - Christmas and Pirates

  • Doors with colliders!

  • More light sources!

  • New default stage templates

  • Added a loading screen when loading a Stage

What’s changed

An exciting introductory paragraph that gets into more detail on changes. How do these changes better position Aexia to provide memorable experiences for GMs and players?

The GM is now a selectable role

“Not all builders are GMs and not all GMs are builders”.

Rather than automatically choosing the Stage publisher as the GM, There’s now a menu at the center of the Green Room that allows any player to become the GM. This change is a logical step in the direction of an Aexia where players share stages that anyone can use and collaborate on stage creation.

  • In the green room, the first player to select “possess GM” on the menu in the middle of the stage will become the GM

  • If you change your mind, you can use the same menu to release possession of the GM

Other Changes

  • Removed pesky default wall semitransparent blue walls in favour of improved framerate

  • The Green Room now reflects the new Main Menu in appearance

  • Floors without textures are now invisible

  • When the GM grabs props, players now see them move in real time

  • Added nameplates for player names


  • Fixed grabbable props not attaching to the correct player's hand when grabbed

  • Fixed grabbable props changing size when grabbed

  • The game no longer freezes temporarily when loading a stage

  • Fixed crashing on opening the props menu in multiplayer

  • Many additional multiplayer stability improvements

Known Issues

  • The first time you call someone using the comms system, the audio isolation won’t work correctly, and nobody will be able to hear you when you leave the call

  • Fix this by getting everyone into a call at once and then ending the call. Afterwards, the comms system will behave as intended and the bug won’t repeat

  • Players’ movement and turn speed settings do not apply in the green room but will apply once in a game.

  • The timer isn’t working

  • The face camera doesn’t always display correctly on PCVR

  • Users sometimes get stuck in the loading screen. The workaround is restarting Aexia entirely.

  • Moving your playspace too high on PCVR can result in you getting forced out of the Stage

  • Extending your controllers too far in front of you can result in your head trying to follow and clipping into your view

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