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Patch 11b188 Update

Today, our closed beta updates from version 11b181 → 11b188. We’ve polished our stage creation tools, fixed some bugs, and are getting ready to move on to a player experience-focused development phase.

IMPORTANT: We are facing some connection issues with the service hosting our multiplayer. More info below.

What’s changed

Improved Gizmo

Our Gizmo for tweaking objects' position, rotation, and scale has been improved for ease of use.

  • Gizmo rotation snaps in 15-degree increments to help accurately align props.

  • Gizmo now displays the scale % of a prop.

  • Gizmo axes are now color-coordinated for easier identification.

  • Press the A button when the Gizmo is activated to toggle between active Gizmo modes: translate, rotate, scale and all at once.

Enhanced Ray Interactor

Our ray interactor is now slightly magnetic, making it easier to select objects and the gizmo, particularly at long distances.

  • Ray interactor magnetically bends towards props.

  • The contact point has an animated icon to improve user feedback upon hover and click.

  • Ray changes color based on the selected gizmo to improve user feedback.

  • New themed ray interactor and hands in welcome scenes.

Other Changes

  • Improved stage loading time.

  • Performance enhancements.

  • Multiplayer area locked to USSC (US Washington Area).

  • Snap turn no longer has a cooldown time between snaps.

  • GM scale now impacts other motion settings to maintain the same motion perception.

  • GM avatar size scaling is now done using the X and Y buttons on the left controller.


  • The GM settings now correctly translate between create and play mode.

  • Snap turn is no longer fixed to 45 degrees.

Known Issues

The service hosting our multiplayer servers is currently experiencing connectivity and stability issues. We’ve seen some improvement over the last few days but still face some disconnects. These become more pronounced on larger, more complex maps. We recommend playing on smaller, simpler maps for now.

Other known issues:

  • Players’ movement and turn speed settings do not apply in the green room but will apply once they are in a game.

  • Gizmo rotational snapping is 15 degrees relative to the props current rotational values rather than rounding to the closest increment relative to the stage.

  • The Face Cam works properly for streaming on the Quest but is incorrectly positioned on the PC.

  • Some props are missing their icons in the GM menu.

  • Some props that are meant to be handheld are set to snap to the floor by default.

  • Portals occasionally pull people across the map unintentionally.

    • Using stationary portals or building maps that don’t need portals is best.

    • Triggers sometimes after moving portals and sometimes when entering portals.

    • Our portals have been too problematic. Rather than bugfixing them, we’re replacing them with new ones. Thank you for your patience.

  • Various clipping issues with our new models. Some are rather awkward.

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