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VR games for today & tomorrow

We create and develop captivating virtual reality games and products that foster meaningful, real-world connections and inspire playful engagement through collaborative play.


Get to Know Us

Strawberry Fields Interactive Inc (SFI) is a distributed global game studio with its head office in Vancouver, Canada.


We develop entertainment games and products for VR that highlight and promote human performance.


Our mission is to empower users to create, experience and share unique immersive gameplay experiences in the comfort of their own home.


We aspire to build a unique co-experience platform by providing expansive environments for our users to explore and a vast array of opportunities to express themselves and engage in meaningful interaction with each other. 

Our Goals


Developing VR role-playing experiences that require only one headset supporting 4+ active players


With broader consumer headset adoption we will add experiences that support a 1-to-1 user to headset profile.

Near Future

We will focus on games that support the full range of human expression and performance.

Our Story

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

How it Started

Strawberry Fields Interactive is a Virtual Reality (VR) gaming company founded in 2019 by friends and VR enthusiast. It was born from an idea to bring something that they had seen in movies and TV shows to reality - to go beyond the real world, into the void, like Eleven from the popular series, Stranger Things. They wanted to create worlds and scenes from the darkness, where their creative juices and love for storytelling could run free. 


With a dream to revolutionize how people experience stories and feel truly immersed in the narrative, the founders looked for a name that was as unique as the idea it was based on. Drawing from one of their favorite Beatles songs, "Strawberry Fields Forever", the founders felt that the phrase “Nothing is Real” could perfectly capture their desire to offer people the chance to escape reality and lose themselves in their imagination. 


Ever since its inception, Strawberry Fields Interactive has aimed to combine immersive and interactive VR technologies with dynamic, compelling stories. It strives for a goal to established a strong community amongst those looking for an entirely unique and surreal gaming experience.

Our Partners

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