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Patch 260 Update

Updated: May 7

Two huge features dominate this latest patch, making building faster and more forgiving than ever before. With the advent of duplicate and undo, building has never been easier. Add the updates to every prop's default properties and colliders, and you’ll fly through stage creation.

What’s next

After patch 260, you can push Aexia to its limits like never before, which means our next top priority is optimization. We’ll look at what we can do to improve performance and free up resources to ensure we can play all the cool stages you create and make room for more planned features.

What’s New


Duplicate props to quickly fill out your stage and align walls and floors to construct buildings lightning fast. With duplicate, you’ll be able to get role-playing significantly faster!

  • Hold A on your right-hand controller and grip and drag a prop to duplicate it

    • Duplicate a prop in a line by selecting the prop with the trigger, holding A on your right hand, and grabbing the gizmo’s translate tool

      • Use this feature to create rows of the same prop quickly

  • Properties are duplicated on props as well

    • IE: if a prop is solid and you duplicate it, the duplicated prop will also be solid


While in create mode, you can now undo most actions related to moving, scaling, or deleting props and sets. This accident forgiveness significantly improves the overall building experience and frees you up to experiment with new things and undo them if they don’t work out

  • Undo an action by selecting the back arrow on your wrist menu

    • You can undo an unlimited number of times

    • You can even undo the deletion of a set with all the props and textures included

  • You can’t undo changes to a prop's properties, such as whether it’s visible or not

    • this would have taken a lot more development to account for and isn’t something you’re likely to do by accident

  • This feature is only available in single-player create mode

Other Additions

  • You can now return to the green room during a session using the exit tab

  • Added a “Request Demo” button that new users can hit to invite a dev to give them a demo of Aexia

  • Added an exit door icon next to “Exit to Main Menu”

  • Added keys on the login keyboard to quickly input common email services

  • Added a message on the play menu on the first launch that directs new users who don’t have a code to join toward create mode

What’s changed

Updated all prop properties and colliders

We’ve updated all the props to have consistent default properties relative to their nature and fixed as many colliders as we could to better conform to the shapes of various props.

  • Default properties are now consistent across similar props

    • IE: All small grabbable props will now default to having snap disabled, grab enabled, and solid disabled

  • Colliders on props have been refined and optimized

    • Props such as the terrain and trees should no longer collide well beyond their actual mesh

      • We tried to ensure that alternative prop uses, such as making props extra large or turning them upside down, would also behave well with these changes

Other Changes

  • The button for cycling gizmo modes is now on the B button instead of A

  • Text boxes like “enter code” now activate automatically

  • Greatly improved collision when attempting to reach across a table to grab an item

  • Special characters in passwords have been re-enabled

  • Improved the thumbnail for empty sets

  • The sound prop is now a speaker instead of a globe/sword

  • Removed “invisible sound” as it’s a legacy prop from when there were no visibility toggles

  • Transparent texture is now the first option on the list

  • Transparent texture thumbnail has been improved

  • Improved the players' mouth behaviour when speaking while using streamer tools to look at yourself

  • Main menu music now waits for the intro video to finish before turning on


  • Apostrophe and question mark keys are now working on the keyboard

  • Fixed incorrectly getting an error claiming your email isn't registered when trying to reset your password

  • Fixed the tutorial video covering the signup/sign-in field when playing

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from changing their display names

  • Fixed a bug causing users to get stuck on “please log in” when publishing a saved stage from the main menu

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