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Unleash your creativity in the second Aexia second VR Roleplay game jam!

Whether you’re new to VR Roleplay or a veteran dusting off their headset, we invite you to compete in crafting a roleplay experience in Aexia. Last time we held a game jam, many of our entrants booted up Aexia for the first time and created exciting new roleplays and accompanying stages, each with their own unique designs. We’re excited to see what gets created when you all have dozens more props and upgraded building tools at your disposal!

We’ll be kicking things off on Monday, December 4th in the Aexia discord community. The game jam takes place over one week, but we don’t think it will take you that much work, that’s just to give you more opportunities to slot it into your schedules. During that time, you’ll work in small groups of 2-3 creating a roleplay document, stage, and presentation. After the week is up, our judges and community will play all the roleplays that were created and determine the rankings!

We invite everyone to participate in our game jam, especially if you’re new to VR Roleplay. We want to see what interesting things fresh minds are able to create. The best part about our last game jam was all the laughs we had as we experienced all the roleplays.

Interested? Sign up here!

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