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Aexia's Early Access is now available on Steam! Launch announcement, Patch 251 Notes, and more...

Updated: Apr 4

Aexia Early Access on Steam!

Aexia is now free for anyone to download and try!

Starting today, Aexia is available for download directly from the steam store! This is a huge milestone for us that reflects our team's confidence in Aexia's ability to stand on its own two feet. We're so excited to see what happens when more people start trying out Aexia for themselves.

Wait, Early Access?

Aexia is finally ready to leave closed beta behind and enter an early access stage.

We’ve come a long way in the last year, experiencing overwhelming levels of community support. With the help of all of our amazing community members.

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who's tried out Aexia and provided their feedback so far. Aexia genuinely would not be the same without all of your help, it's been shaped by the community every step of the way and we've managed to build a powerful VR Roleplay platform.

And this is just the start of our early access phase. There's still so much more on the way. For now, visit the Aexia steam store page to download Aexia! Share it with your friends! It's time to step into the role.

What’s next

In the short term, we have two more massive features on the way that will change how you build in Aexia forever: Clone and Undo are coming very soon!

After that, we're going to do an optimization pass to help improve performance across the board for both Steam and Quest Standalone users. These refinements won't just improve framerate now, they will also help make room for bigger and better features later on down the line!

Now, without further ado, let's take a look at what's been added in the latest update:

What’s new

Streamer Tools

“Now everyone can see your beautiful avata- oh god wait, no, go back".

We’ve implemented a suite of camera tools for use in Aexia, allowing dynamic angles for recording and streaming. These tools are only available in PCVR, as they work by altering the desktop mirror that Aexia automatically creates for players on PC.

This should help improve the experience when using popular screen recording tools like OBS to capture your desktop output, or when streaming your Aexia window to friends on Discord.

  • Select the Stream button on the wrist menu to open the Streamer Tools

  • Hover puts the camera in front of you and sets it to move with you

  • Hand sticks the camera to your left-hand

  • Stay leaves the camera wherever it is on the stage, even if you move away from it

  • In both Hover and Stay modes, you can grab the camera using your Raycast and move it around

  • Experiment with dynamic camera angles, try using Hover to create an over-the-shoulder camera or put a Stay camera somewhere you know you’ll be spending a lot of time

  • Quickly switch between camera modes for even more dynamic camera action

  • Display toggles the in-game display of the camera output between three positions

  • Toggle a fourth time to disable the display and a fifth time to re-enable it

  • GM Layer appears only on Game Masters streamer tools. It toggles whether GM-specific user interface elements like the gizmo or portal connectors are visible in the camera output

Other Additions

  • Added the option to share the room code of a published stage to Aexia’s Discord Server, allowing others to hop in with you

  • Added native support for Knuckles, Vive, and HP Reverb controllers

  • Added a global volume slider to the comms menu, allowing players to adjust Aexia’s overall volume output in-game.

  • The tutorial video that appears on the first launch/update now has more controls, including an audio slider

What’s changed

Publishing Stages Without Actors

It’s no longer required to place actors on the stage to publish

  • If your stage has no actors, a Spawn Flag will be created

  • Move the Spawn Flag to wherever you’d like players to spawn into the stage

  • When you publish your stage, all actors will be available in the green room for players to choose

  • placing an actor will remove the spawn flag

  • Like before, when you publish a stage with any number of actors, only actors that have been placed will be available in the green room

Other Changes

  • Reverted the main menu and green room terrain to the circular platform

  • Adjusted audio falloff curves to feel smoother and more natural

  • You no longer hear someone out of only one ear when they stand directly to your side

  • Quest users now receive a permission request to share audio when Aexia starts rather than when entering a multiplayer session

  • Re-enabled player settings while in the main menu

  • The max height for placing props from the GM Tools has been increased

  • Sets now appear small when being placed or moved, making them easier to handle

  • When you use the comms menu to call someone, you can now hear each other regardless of distance

  • This can also be used to communicate between the stage and the green room

  • Sets now default to a gray texture that both GM and players can see, rather than being transparent for players

  • GM move speed now scales with GM size

  • You will now be notified if the password you entered is too short

  • Minimum password length increased from 5 to 6

  • Comfort Vignette is now disabled by default

  • The wrist menu now tracks to your hand instead of your forearm

  • The GM no longer forces everyone into the game when hitting “Start Game”.

    • Instead, once the GM has hit “Start Game”, players are now free to join the game session at their discretion.

  • Thumbstick scrolling of menus has been removed in favour of click-and-drag

  • Thumbstick scrolling was interacting poorly with other thumbstick features like GM flight

  • When de-possessing an NPC, the GM now spawns slightly above their current location

  • Portal teleportation is now faster, with a brief fade transition

  • You can now check the room code during a session in the settings menu under stage

    • Starred out by default to prevent accidentally sharing room codes on stream

  • Removed two starter templates with layouts confusing for new users

  • Good Night and Cycles Of Lacrae are still available in the Roleplay Directory on the Aexia Discord Server

  • You can now select a new character in the green room without first deselecting the previous one

  • Slightly lowered the keyboard relative to the game deck menu to prevent overlap

  • The scrollbar now shows up on menus that aren’t scrollable, but maxed out, to communicate that the menu isn’t scrollable

  • the login menu that appears in create mode when publishing a stage while not logged in now provides success/failure feedback

  • Added logic and animations to prevent some instances of avatars breaking when their headsets lose tracking

    • It still breaks when you move too low

  • Many small adjustments to UI text to make it easier to understand


  • GMs will no longer fall endlessly after de-possessing an NPC while jumping

  • Fixed an issue that caused GMs to get stuck in the loading screen forever after publishing a stage with 0 characters from the main menu

  • The microphone selection dropdown menu now actually changes to the selected input device

  • Fixed the comfort vignette enabling itself every time you entered a new scene

  • Fixed a bug on PCVR where Aexia would stop receiving microphone data when the app was not in focus

  • The space skybox is now correctly showing in the sky tab again

  • Fixed users falling off the Green Room platform

  • Fixed an issue causing voice filters to not apply

  • Fixed an issue that caused GMs to be unable to rejoin the game as a player unless they first reselected the GM role and then deselected it again

  • Fixed a bug in the comms menu that prevented the GM from calling someone while possessing an NPC

  • When de-possessing an NPC, the GM now correctly returns to the same scale they were before possessing the NPC

  • Mirrors no longer show the reflection slightly offset to the right

  • Fixed some desynchronization issues when deleting entire sets in multiplayer

  • Fixed “Recently Published” and “Recently played” stages not appearing in the correct order

  • The mysterious invisible collider in the center of the main menu scene has been removed

Known Issues

  • Recentering using the default quest recenter button sometimes forces you into the ground

    • Fix this by holding the jump button to use Aexias built-in recenter

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