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Here's the results of the first ever Aexia Game Jam

The first-ever Aexia Game Jam recently concluded, where teams created Virtual Reality Role Plays to be played on our platform. It was an event filled with creativity, innovation, and boundless enthusiasm. We fired the starting gun for user created role plays in Aexia and the outcome exceeded our expectations.

What Happened

Four talented teams spent a week creating role plays within Aexia, conceptualizing and designing role play experiences for the platform. The result? A diverse collection of role plays filled with mystery, drama, and comedy.

Once the development phase was complete, panel of judges and dedicated beta testers playtested each game, scoring them based on their player experience, setting, gameplay mechanics, and documentation.

Here are some clips from the playtests:

Case By Case

This dramatic courtroom role play brought a trial from start to end, with players pit head to head in the roles of the defense and prosecution. The GM plays the judge and witnesses while spinning a tale of murder through evidence and contradictions in testimony.

The Cycles Of Lacrae

This fun brain bender strings players along in a creative adventure through a fantasy world. The GM leads players down an unexpected path that threatens the collapse of their very world.

Good Night

This emotional experience has players discovering who they and their companions are in a strange mansion. The GM slowly reveals memories and more parts of the mansion until the games somber conclusion.

Ordinary Day In Oakengrasp

Our winning submission! Players step into the shoes of regular residents in the enchanting town of Oakengrasp. While they experience the charms of everyday life, the GM mixes things up for them through the whiles of the fey.

What We Learned

The Aexia Game Jam was not just about creating exceptional role plays; it was also a journey of discovery. As an indie studio learning along the way we have some takeaways. Collaborating closely with the participating teams, we gained insights into what makes a role play tick. Our learnings will be channeled into better guidelines for crafting successful role plays for Aexia. Likewise, our evaluation criteria will be refined to better reflect what we think makes role plays exceptional.

What Comes Next

Aexias' Game Jam marks the beginning of community driven content for our platform. We were moved by the enthusiasm that you showed, and it motivates us to push forward. We are excited to host more events, transition our Friday role plays to Aexia, and bring in some community moderators to expand day to day engagement.

We're thrilled to have held a competition that showcased the boundless possibilities within Aexia. This is just the beginning of a remarkable journey, and we invite you to be a part of it!

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