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Excitement in the air as our Game Jam is underway!

Aexias Game Jam kicked off with 11 attendees on Friday of last week, exceeding expectations. Our four teams took off running over the weekend and their enthusiasm is fueling a buzz amongst our staff. We're so glad to have people excited to create games in Aexia! Everyone is looking forward to Fridays presentations and next weeks playtests.

The kick off on our discord server saw a great turnout. I hosted the event and the energy pumped me up as I explained the format, organized teams, and answered questions about Aexia. There were some laughs along the way, especially when I invited people to voice their questions and got... unexpected results.

It's my first time hosting a Game Jam and I plan to run many more going forward. I've already learned a lot and it's not over yet. I've been delighted by the atmosphere of positivity. It turns out that when a bunch of people get together with the goal of having fun and creating something new, they tend to have fun while creating something new. Who knew it was so simple?

Tune in Friday for each teams presentations

This Friday at 5pm Pacific Time each of our four teams will give five minute presentations on their games, followed by Q&A segments. I've already gotten some previews on what teams are working on and the ideas they have had have delighted and surprised me. They are still just getting started though, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the finished products look like.

After Friday we're going to be playtesting each of the games the teams have created. Everyone currently enrolled in our closed beta is invited to join us! If you'd like to get involved in our closed beta, you can sign up here.

We're so excited that Aexia is a platform you want to build and play in. This Game Jam is our first major Aexia community event as well as the starting gun for community driven role play. A coworker asked me just today how the Game Jam was going and he was moved by the amount of positivity I recounted to him.

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