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Aexia Build 238: Major Update Brings premade sets and more!

Updated: Mar 27

Close Beta Build 238 Major Update

Alright, it’s time for a big update! We’ve added a LOT in this new release, touching on almost every aspect of our VR Roleplay platform. We’re reaching new heights with this update, featuring verticality as we’ve never seen it before. We’ve also made our stage creation tools more powerful than ever and squashed so many bugs that it could give a certain popular new game a run for its money.

Without further ado, let's jump in!

What’s new:

Premade Sets

“I swear I didn’t steal your idea, that secret passage was always there from the start, you just never noticed”.

With premade sets, Aexia takes a giant leap forward in regard to stage creation quality of life.

  • Find premade sets by going to create → sets → and selecting any theme filter

  • Place premade sets on your stage to instantly create a detailed set with props, textures, and lights

    • premade sets are fully customizable once placed

  • Save your own sets and create icons for them to pull them out instantly when you need them

    • Use it to duplicate sets, add sets mid-session, or even transfer sets from one stage to another

    • Give your set names and take a photo to create a thumbnail

Whisper, Speak, Shout, and new HUD voice indicator

“Remember: The Game Master can always hear you, even if you think you’re being quiet”.

Added gesture controls to control your audio range and visual indicators so that you know when your microphone is broadcasting audio and what the current range is

  • Cup one hand by your mouth to whisper

    • Whispering only lets nearby players hear you

    • A speaking mouth icon will appear to let you know you are whispering

  • Cup both hands by your mouth to shout

    • Shouting lets others hear you from farther distances

    • A speaker icon will appear to let you know you are shouting

  • When audio is being picked up by your microphone, an icon shaped like a microphone will appear to let you know

    • When you are muted, that icon will be crossed off to remind you you are muted

    • When you are not speaking, the icon will disappear until you start speaking again

Jumping And Falling

“Players have unlocked the ability to traverse the third dimension”.

You can now jump

  • Hit B on your right-hand controller to jump

    • Great for climbing into places your GM didn’t expect

  • Players will fall if no solid objects are below them

Object Collision

“Ghosts will once again enjoy the benefits of being the only ones that can phase through walls”.

Stop players from phasing through props using the new Solid toggle

  • Selecting a prop and toggling on “solid” will cause players to collide with the prop

    • Yes, this means stairs work now

    • And jump puzzles

    • Combined with jumping and falling, Aexia has gone VERTICAL

Visibility toggles

“It’s either this, or mastering the art of moving so incredibly slowly that you’re effectively invisible.”

Players and props can now be set to invisible.

  • As a Game Master, select a prop and toggle visible to hide it from player's view

    • Suitable for hiding props and effects that you plan to use during a session

    • Just make sure to toggle off solid, or someone might trip

  • As a Player, open your menu and select the visibility tab to turn invisible

    • Great for spectating while out of character

    • It also lets you spook players as a disembodied voice

Upload custom Audio/Images

Audio/Image uploads have been reintroduced but are still very beta, we'll be implementing an even better version soon!

  • To try it yourself, open your Google Drive in the game deck tab:

    • hit copy link on a file with permissions “anyone can view”

    • place a prop from the UGC tab, either a picture frame or speaker

    • select the prop and hit “paste link”

Other Additions

  • You can now add custom nameplates in addition to your username

  • Added several new props, including a host of new 3d walls

  • Added intro video on first launch to help new players learn the ropes

  • Added a wrist menu for checking controls, muting, and opening the player menu

What’s changed

Working Portals

“Now we’re thinking with portals, again”.

Portals work. They are finally working and seemingly bug free. Certainly someone will find a niche case, but for now we’re just happy that they finally no longer need to be included in the “known issues” section of the patch notes.

  • Place two portals and connect them to allow players to teleport between them

    • Drag from the green connector of one portal to the orange connector of another portal to create a one way portal

    • Drag from the green connector of the second portal back to the orange connector of the first to make them two way

    • Or abandon all sense and logic and daisy chain portals together in weird and unpredictable ways to confuse and delight your players

  • Portals placed facing the edges of sets will be blocked and their orange connector will turn red

    • this prevents users from falling off the stage

      • turn the portal around and it will work again

Improved Main Menu

“Now slightly less likely to frighten players with the Aexia GM looming overhead”.

The main menu has been revamped to display more information and improve readability

  • The menu is now divided between three panels

    • The leftmost panel displays tutorial videos and information

    • The center panel is for multiplayer connection and now features a “recent games” list

    • The rightmost panel is for creating, editing, and publishing your stages

  • Adjusted icons and terminology for better clarity

  • The discord panel now sends interested players an email link to the Aexia Community discord server

  • The main menu environment has been optimized to reduce computational load

  • Self registration for an Aexia account is now possible without dev assistance

Other Changes

  • The green room has been adjusted to reflect the new main menu environment

  • The possess GM button is now next to an Aexia GM avatar similarly to the select character buttons and their avatars

  • Letters on the keyboard are now entered on press instead of on release

    • This should greatly improve keyboard responsiveness and greatly reduce reports of forgotten passwords

  • Adjusted the keyboard to include more special characters

  • The password input field now accepts more characters

  • Props will now align with each other when rotated with the gizmo

  • Fixed several issues with menus not spawning in front of players

  • cloned stages are now named after the original stages

  • Voice filters have been re-enabled

  • Improved premade stage thumbnails

  • Adjusted VFX colliders to stop them from preventing other props nearby from being selected

  • VFX now shows a star icon for the GM which functions as the interactable center point


  • The GM no longer gets locked out of the menu when at max scale

  • Fixed props becoming unselectable after being placed

  • You can once again place multiple notes with different text

  • Portals no longer default to being grabbable

  • Portals no longer randomly teleport you off the stage

  • Portals no longer randomly make players permanently invisible

  • Portals placed up high no longer trap you in the sky

  • Fixed prop desynchronization issues when moving sets

  • Fixed a bug that caused player move speed to get stuck so fast that they started experiencing the Doppler effect

  • Fixed several voice communication bugs that prevented players from speaking

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to recenter higher than intended

  • Fixed the SkyBox not changing correctly

  • The “play online” button in create mode after hitting share now properly sends you to the room you just created

  • Fixed incoming calls only appearing if you had previously opened the comms menu

Known Issues

  • When Aexia is out of focus on PCVR, it stops picking up players microphone inputs

    • Click back onto the Aexia window to fix this

  • Comfort Vignette defaults back to on whenever you load into a new scene

  • The GM can collide with the gizmo

  • The GM menu is getting hidden behind props and textures

  • Publishing a stage with 0 characters from the main menu and hitting “Go Play” causes an endless loading screen

  • Vive and Knuckles controllers do not have a default binding and must be manually bound

  • Recently played and recently published are not loading in the correct order in the main menu

  • The mute icon changes to the broadcasting icon after triggering whisper/shout while muted

    • you are still muted despite the icon changing

  • After the GM moves a prop with the gizmo, the player can’t grab it

    • If the GM moves the prop by selecting it directly, the player can grab it again

  • Auto snapping is incorrectly disabling on props placed over a certain height

Thank you for your continued support

Patch notes this big are only possible because of our dedicated community that has been with us every step of the way. A special shoutout to our patrons for helping out a little with development costs; every penny counts!

A particularly big thank you and shout out to Shinkurex, our volunteer community moderator who goes above and beyond to host games and help welcome new roleplayers to our community.

If you want to help shape Aexia, the biggest help we can get is more people enjoying roleplays on the platform. If you'd like to help support our development, contributions to our Patreon are greatly appreciated!

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