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Creating VR Worlds and Maps for VR Role Play: A platform for rapid development

If you've been scouring the internet for guides on creating new VR Worlds and Map for VR role-play, you've found something special.

Two Ways to Create VR Role Play Worlds

Creating a World for VR role-play games can be an ambitious project, and there used to be just 2 approaches you could take:

1. Create From Scratch With Code

  • Skills Needed: Familiarity with code and a game engine. For exampleC# and Unity for VRChat, Lua and Roblox Studio for Roblox. The ability to make your own 3D assets.

  • Pros: You have complete control and can create a world that fits your vision precisely.

  • Cons: High learning curve and time-consuming. Worlds can take months to create.

2. Repurpose an Existing Environment

  • Skills Needed: Creativity on how to repurpose a map to fit your RP.

  • Pros: Easier and quicker to set up.

  • Cons: You will not have exactly what you want or need. It may not align well with the game's genre. It relies on players to use their imagination for missing elements, which kind of defeats part of the value of a VR World.

A new way to make VR Role Play maps

There's a third choice available that leaves the hassle of learning a game engine or inflexibility of using an existing environment.

3. Make it in Aexia

  • Skills Needed: Imagination and creativity.

  • Pros: Purpose built platform for VR Role Play. Build your map in VR in under an hour. Use an invite code to start playing with friends. Edit and expand your map mid session. Comes with a suite of built in assets.

  • Cons: Aexia is in closed beta, so you have to sign up first!

Our Game Jam Experiment with Aexia

We wanted to test the waters and see if a role-play designer could build a VR world in a fraction of the typical time using Aexia. The Aexia platform is still in its early stages, grappling with UX issues and bugs, but we were delighted with the results. The designers built amazing worlds in just a matter of hours, which we had an enormous amount of fun playing.

Why Aexia Could be a Game-Changer

Though still in its infancy, Aexia showed that it could significantly streamline the process of creating VR worlds for Role Play. This is particularly useful for those who may not have the time or skills to code a world from scratch but still want a more tailored experience than repurposing existing environments.

Final Thoughts

While setting up VR RP or crafting your own VR maps and worlds is pretty involved with VR Chat and Roblox. Our goal is to make the entire role play experience simple and fun. Create a VR World, invite your friends, and engage in the VR Role Play you’ve always imagined. That’s it. 3 easy steps.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or experiences you'd like to share!

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