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Closed Beta Patch 11b181

Reading about all these awesome changes but not in on the action? Click here to sign up for our closed beta!

Hey everyone we've got a new patch out for Aexia, and it comes with plenty of exciting changes! It's been a while since our last big update, during that time we've been quite busy with events like Aexias Game Jam. In this latest build, we even have maps from the game jam included! We don't have Ordinary Day In Oakengrasp in the game yet, it was a little too complex to update to the new build, but FlyingKaida, the leader of our winning game jam team, will be building a V2 for us to add in a later patch!

Our focus has been on refining what we have for the last few weeks, and we’re eagerly awaiting feedback on all the changes we’ve made. We’re jumping all the way from version 165 to 181. That’s a big leap, and there are big changes involved.


Map Compatibility

Changes to how maps are saved mean that maps created on build 165 will no longer work. We adjusted the scale of everything in the game to fix some problems we encountered at small scales. Moving forward, maps should continue to be backward compatible like before. We apologize for any work that was lost.

Wishlist Aexia on Steam and Sidequest

Aexia is now listed on Steam and Sidequest! Head over to Aexia's Steam store page and help promote Aexia by adding it to your wishlist. On our Sidequest page, help promote it by requesting access.

What’s New

Most of our focus has been on refining what we have rather than adding new things. We still have several new additions, including a few maps from our Aexia game jam! Players will no longer stare into the void; now they blink! Look forward to player accounts and in-game usernames, a new solution for object manipulation, sticky notes, and more!

Player Accounts

Usernames are helpful for telling each other apart. We’ve introduced an accounts system to Aexia, allowing unique usernames and the benefits that come with them.

  • Current beta testers will receive an email requesting that they sign up for an account.

  • If you are a beta tester and did not receive an email, apply for an account by opening Aexia and hitting Play → Click Here

    • You’ll receive an email for account creation when your application is confirmed.

Invite your friends

You can now invite your friends to join the Aexia closed beta.

  • When you share a map and get an invite code, you will receive an email letting you invite your friends.

    • Add your friend's emails to a list and hit send.

    • Your friends will receive a signup link and a link to the latest Aexia build.

Game Jam Maps

We added some of the game jam maps directly into Aexia so you can check them out for yourselves.

  • Create your own role plays using the first community-created maps.

    • The winning teams’ map will be added in a future update.

    • The map names will be changed to the submission names in the future.

The Gizmo

Useful for manipulating placed objects, but do not feed it after midnight.

  • Use the trigger button to select an object and bring up the gizmo.

  • Use the grip button to manipulate the gizmo to precisely rotate, move, and scale the object.

Sticky Notes

With sticky notes, called ”NoteIt” in Aexia, to write on, creativity is bound only by a character limit.

  • Place sticky notes to leave clues for players or provide context on scenes.

  • Useful as a stand-in if the small object you need isn’t in our assets list.

    • Notes don’t actually stick. Yet.

The Game Deck

Added a prototype for our Game Deck, a feature that lets you access documents from within Aexia.

  • Log into your Google Drive as a GM to access your documents.

  • Copy an audio link from your Google Drive into an audio source to use that audio in game!

    • Make sure the link is set to “anyone with the link” can view.

Other Additions
  • Players can now access the preferences menu.

  • Player’s mouths will open and close as they speak.

  • Players blink periodically instead of staring forever into the endless void.

  • A username toggle was added to the preferences menu.

  • Added a whole ton of new objects.

  • Added a bunch of new wall textures.

What’s Changed

There are some sweeping changes in this build. We’ve overhauled nearly the entire UI, replaced every single character model, and, best of all, players will no longer fall asleep while trying to perform a 360-degree turn.

Overhauled UI

We reworked almost every aspect of our UI.

  • The main screen UI has been updated.

  • Our clunky old GM menu is now a sleek radial GM menu.

  • The menu will no longer let you try to place objects until you place a set.

  • More intuitive menu scrolling.

Overhauled Characters

We’ve completely replaced our character models with something more stylized.

  • New character models are vibrant, stylized, and optimized for performance.

  • New IK system that no longer mistakes you for a chicken and clips your elbows through your body.

  • Characters mouths move when you speak.

  • Characters eyes now blink, no more unwinnable staring contests.

Other Changes
  • Increase max turn speed by 3x.

  • The Main Screen is easier on the eyes.

  • Tooltips help explain certain menu behaviors.

  • Changed the table to a flat purple plane. Only in create mode we’re experimenting; do you like it?

  • Made everything 10x larger, including the players and GM.

  • Removed the map-wide sparkly effect every time a GM possesses an NPC.


  • Players no longer fall through the map (we hope).

  • The GM no longer sinks through the table.

  • Leaving and rejoining a game should work properly now.

  • Players should no longer randomly switch to 2d audio.

Known Issues

  • The Face Cam works properly for streaming on the Quest but is incorrectly positioned on the PC.

  • Snap turning is locked to 90 degrees while we work out a bug.

  • Some objects are missing their icons.

  • Players are hovering slightly above the ground, making walking look funny.

    • Hold the B button while standing on your tippy toes to recenter your playspace a little above yourself. This should let your feet touch the ground.

  • Portals occasionally pull people across the map unintentionally.

    • Using stationary portals or building maps that don’t need portals is best.

    • Triggers sometimes after moving portals and sometimes when entering portals.

    • Our portals have been too problematic. Rather than bugfixing them, we’re replacing them with new ones. Thank you for your patience.

  • The player settings menu is much too large.

  • If the GM's hands are too close together when opening the menu, the GM can’t interact with the menu.

    • Close it and reopen it with your hands farther apart.

  • Various clipping issues with our new models. Some are rather awkward.

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