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Step into the role

What is Aexia?

As the clock strikes the hour a character blinks into existence, then another. Your players have arrived.


This is it — the culmination of all your imaginings.  




Good luck, Games Master, the rest is up to you.

Amazed woman wearing virtual reality goggles in front of 3D geometric background
Modular 3D environments depicting a house, a forest, a ship, an island, a sanctuary

Craft your own world

A curated library of world building blocks and environments. 

Dream up and build immersive game universes with our game feature. From distant islands and futuristic cyberpunk cities, you are the architect that shapes your environment. Our vast library of building blocks, environments and objects gives you the freedom to bring your imagination to life. Dive into immersive game worlds like you've never experienced before, and let your creativity run wild.

Master Your Game

A extensive library of game master tools & narrative modules at your disposal.

Through our extensive library of game tools and narrative modules, you are given the power to shape and define the gaming universe in all its aspects. Create different adventures and challenge your friends. Whether it's role-playing or interactive storytelling, our game feature puts you in the centre of the action and the flow of the story.


Step into a world full of magic, where every decision counts and each challenge presents an unforgettable adventure. With our library of narrative modules, you are the master of your gaming world!​


Get to Know Us

Embody Your Character 

Chose from a large cast of characters &

customize to your playstyle

Take your gaming experience to a new level and become a part of the world! Embody one of the many characters in our cast and personalize them to suit your playstyle and personality. With a multitude of possible customization options ranging from clothing to gear and beyond, you'll be sure to create the perfect character and make your mark in the world!

vector image of head with gear and stars popping out of top


Grant players the opportunity

to manifest their creative vision with an easy to use interface and let them express  themselves freely.

vector image of human figure levitating above ring; star above head


Treat players to a one-of-a-kind journey in virtual reality and online. Offer an interactive experience tailored to each quest that truly immerses players in the story.

vector image of group of human figures inside a satellite; star above heads


This platform provides an avenue for gamers to come together, form social connections, arrange competitions, and showcase their artistic creations with

the wider community.


Request Beta Access

If you're a Game Master or just excited about what Aexia has to offer, please let us know and join our community for early access.  

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