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A VR platform crafted by role-players for role-players.

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AEXIA is a platform for creating, sharing and playing VR role-playing games.



In Aexia, players can role-play as actual actors in a movie set.


Step into the role and experience thoughtfully crafted worlds, participate in compelling narratives and interact with a wide array of characters, while game masters (GMs) guide these stories within the expansive VR environment.

Get to Know Us

Real-Time World Creation: Many of us just want to create and play. We don't want to learn how to code or use Unity. This feature provides the flexibility to improvise role-playing stages on the spot. There's no difference between create/play mode for the GMs.

GM's God View: An omniscient view empowers the GM to keep track of everything going on in their game, even when the players are split up.

Streamlined Session Prep: Aexia enables a fluid start to the VR RP adventure allowing us to step into our roles by streamlining wait times or complex procedures during the session preparation and character selection process.

NPC Flexibility: Create and manage a story with multiple NPCs without the need for additional actors. Game masters can seamlessly embody any non-player character (NPC) in their games.

Voice Channels:  GMs can guide individual players or groups through specific plotlines, clues, or character development without impacting the experiences of others through private communication.


Let's Grow VR RP together!

We are on a mission to spread the joy of VR RP to as many people as possible. Are you also up for the challenge?

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